Before I write the best Review about Empower Network I would like to let you know I am a new affiliate, and I have invested in all of it’s products I use EN as my primary business opportunity, so if you click on a link to join me I will be compensated just saying…

I thought you should know I’m not your typical guy…nor I’m a struggling network marketer or multi-level marketer who’s been in the industry for years.  I’m not here to give you a review about how I’ve struggled in this industry and found the best thing since slice bread.

In all honesty, I’m not on the top of the leader broads of Empower Network yet, but I envision myself there along with a team of driven people who believed in themselves enough to take persistent action on their dreams in life.

My background comes from the insurance, real estate and presently education field.  I’m currently a school teacher on a mission to defy the natural law of the status quo.

What People Are Saying About Empower Network?

“Empower is vulgar, inappropriate, and has put a brash wart on the face of internet marketing. Their conferences are even worse than their marketing, most of the Christians I know who were a part of it quit long ago.”

…This was actually what a fellow marketer sent me in an email, I mean nice guy but come on dude.

For the record, I do believe in Jesus Christ, but I’m not here to Bible thump you or convert you not all.  One of my decided factors in joining EN was the diversification of people who are apart.

Now, this same person went on to tell me he was concerned that I won’t have a chance, close to 70% of internet markets can’t even join you because they are either already in Empower, or they were a part of it and will never make that mistake again.

He continued…”Another 10% don’t like Empower and never have, leaving only a small percentage of the market that is even open to the company, and there are hundreds of thousands of representatives who are fighting over that small percentage.”

So you’re probably saying to yourself damn this is some of the same stuff I’ve been hearing.  Now, you may wondering why did I share this with you if I want you to join me?

…Because many people cling to the negative “propaganda” that’s exactly why you typed Empower Network Review into Google because you’re looking for a reason not to join.

It’s no secret in this industry there are a ton of Networking Marketing Companies, several companies to choose from many are good and many are not with that being said no one company is perfect.

I personally can’t stand cynical people, if that’s you do yourself a favor and exit this page now.  Look we’re all adults here and adults understand if you don’t work you don’t eat period. Average earnings…

Ever since the inception of Empower Network in 2011, they have done nothing but defy the traditional way of network marketing & multi-level marketing causing a lot of skepticism.

It all started when a small group of people met in a hotel room with one vision in mind help struggling network marketers make their own money and that vision has manifested…

In 2013 alone they had 200,164 paying customers and paid out $63,317,821.93 in sales…not to shabby.

My Fordham football days thought me when a group of people have one vision and one ‘singular’ goal in mind anything can be accomplished this was one of the driving factors for me locking arms with EN.

Empower Network is not for the average person.  My man Seth Godin says “The next time you catch yourself being average when you feel like quitting, realize that you only have two good choices: Quit or be exceptional.  Average is for losers.

My advice to you before you continue reading this review if you are someone who doesn’t believe in hard work and dedication you’re probably reading the wrong post,

…because it’s going to take you having patience,practicing and having discipline in your quest to make this EN thing work for you when you join me.

So What Is Empower Network?

Empower Network is a marketing education that provides you with tools ( video modules & audios) to enhance your current skill set to potentially earn money without failing in the common areas of home based business,

… it equips you with right now marketing information and shows you how to employ this information hijacking the old methods of traditional network & mlm marketing.

…They are a high ticket affiliate program that pays you a 100% commission on all products you own.

…The products are designed to help anyone become proficient at marketing online or offline.

You have two options, become a customer or become an affiliate, which allows you the right to resell the Empower Network products for profit.  ’Totally your choice’.


The company itself was founded by David Wood and David Sharpe – two straight shooters different personalities but authentic, two marketers who got fed up with the traditional old methods of network marketing and pursued change.

Both guys had a vision and joined forces…the rest is history.

Their story is polar opposite.  Dave Wood is known for being the homeless van man who overcame unemployment, failing several times in business before finally breaking through.  Dave Sharpe on the other hand was a recovering drug addict working as a construction worker trying to make his marketing career come alive.

Fast forward in 2014, they run what probably is in many eyes in this industry, an  inappropriate no holding back type of company.  Something many don’t agree with.

Both Dave’s are transparent, honest and are very much comfortable in their own skin, they hold nothing back.  In my opinion, I like it that way.

I believe now they may have toned down the cussing and calling folks out for being a “wussie” if you don’t buy all the products.

Bottom line the guys are raw and uncut.  If you can’t stomach people using profane language then it’s probably not a company you want to be associated with.

Misconception of Empower Network For Beginners

Many people want time freedom, but they don’t fully want to acknowledge it takes work to make it happen…

Many have seen or heard enough about EN and are sold on the misconception that it’s easy to make money with little effort, but that couldn’t be further from the truth,

…because they are misinformed in the beginning, this leaves them with very little gas in the tank to pursue the change they so desperately want in their lives…

In the end their left with not knowing what to do and, the whole online business dream never happens for them so they become bitter and say this Empower Network thing is a scam.  I hope you’re not that person.

The biggest lie of them all:

EN has 5 products I’ll get to them in a second…

…but many people believe in the notion that the $25 Viral Blogging System will somehow change their financial status.

…come on people $25 is not going to change your life.

What will change your life is you looking at this opportunity as a business owner, someone who thinks long term, business owners understand leverage points,

…and $25 is not the leverage point you want to be positioned at if you are serious about really creating the lifestyle and time freedom you desire.

I shouldn’t have to tell you to get ‘all-in’, smart business owners understand simple math.  This a high ticket product that is designed to yield high returns if you’re positioned correctly.

Note:  Are you still thinking like an employee or a business owner- Passive compounded income or 9-5 paycheck to paycheck income?

The Empower Network was designed for leaders who believe in entrepreneurship (freedom baby) not for the person who has a poverty mindset.

You only live once, don’t be afraid to Dream Big!

The blueprint to starting off correctly with EN is pretty simple in theory, but it’s the action steps that follow where many miss the mark

…once you have a clear understanding of how you want this vehicle to work in your favor it’s time to lay the foundation for your long term asset.

This is where you need to focus your energy in the beginning:



Empower Network core products are as follows:

I decided to start my own personal blog as you can see.  The reason behind my logic is for me to build a long term asset online one that I personal own.

You have the right to purchase any of the products, and can upgrade in your back office at any time.

Quick little overview of the products.

Check out my full Empower Network products review.

Compensation Plan

In order to resell the products, there is a $19.95/mo fee to became an active affiliate.

Once you are active, you can resell any product you personal own as an affiliate.

The Viral Blogging, Inner Circle, Costa Rica Intensive pay 100% commissions minus merchant fees.  And the Masters Course pays you roughly 85% minus merchant fees. ($3,000 from the $3,500 retail price)

Two ways to qualify for commission payouts:

First, by selling a product to a non-affiliate (ex. any customer who doesn’t activate their affiliate account).

Second, by buying any of the products yourself.

Note:  If you don’t fall into these categories and go on to make any sales on non-qualified products, all commissions will pass up to your direct sponsor.

Note:  On all five products, you pass up your 2nd, 4th, 6th, and every 5th sale.

All products are product specific.

It’s definitely a balanced compensation plan, you benefit from training your down-line, but you’re not burnt out or making your sponsor rich.


I believe I’ve given you a fair review as an affiliate.

Bottom line:  If you want to earn some big money the product offerings give you the opportunity.

Look I’ve been an insurance agent, real estate investor and this is by far the best marketing skills I have every learned.  And still learning…

This is my primary company that I am leveraging as a vehicle that will eventually make me a rich man.  But more importantly allow me to become a very skilled marketer and sell anything online including my own products in time.

I’m not claiming to be a ‘Guru’ nor do I know it all.  I’m just a guy who has a great motivating desire to create the lifestyle my family deserves.

Yes the system is basically ready-made, but people will still be creatures of habit and give up on creating the lifestyle they only dream of for themselves.  I’m definitely not that guy.  Dreaming with no action keeps you stuck on stupid.

This is not some get rich quick ordeal.  Shit you have to work this thing.


Join only if you’re going to treat this like a business, not a hobby.

Only join me and get in if you are serious about being a business owner that adds value to themselves and have the heart to genuinely help people.  Not me first mentality.

…It takes hard work and dedication to achieve success in anything you do no different from this opportunity.

… As I write this post I’m currently a teacher (and new dad) grinding my ass off and still treating this as a business that will transition me into full time internet marketer really soon..So no excuses.

…I’d like to make my case for being a person you can trust and build a life long relationship with. I’m the right sponsor for you.

…I’m here to serve people who are willing to do whatever it takes to experience their desired outcomes as long as it’s right and ethical by others

Bottom line my intention is to transfer belief into people to take action on their dreams and make them a reality…where time and money are no longer an issue.  The question lies with you how bad do you want it?

How much longer are you going to conform to this troubling society we live in?  Now, is the time to create your own economy.

My vision is to take an enormous amount of people with me.  I’ve learned these skills pretty quickly and look to help you in anyway I can, but you have to want it, no need to waste anymore time click right here and let’s dominate.

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