GainROI is the latest Short-Term HYIP that I would strongly recommended to all. Why? The reason is simple… This is the recent Short-Term HYIP that has making me to have the guts to introduce it to all because of its professional design & reliable platform. Moreover, the plans being offered by GainROI is reasonable & sustainable in long term. Therefore, above reasons have making me to put this program into my Short-Term HYIP room again.

First, we will start with the program design. It has the professional layout & elegant design that is attractive & simple to use. Moreover, with web color switcher you may switch to 3 colors that you like (I know it’s not important for us). The only downside was no site statistics like program running day, deposit amount & withdrawal amount. However, total member statistic is seeing in the top of the site. In the first day of launching, it has gained more than 200 members & lots of monitors have been added. Not bad for a new program for the first start.

The site admin is Joshua (The site domain registrant is Martin Biden). However, I do believe that this is not the real name of the admin where almost all the site admin are doing the same to protect their own privacy (You know what I mean ). However, is this the important thing that we should concern before we joined one program? For me, the answer is NO because I know the lifespan of Short-Term HYIP. Just like the name it said… Short-Term. Therefore, the key of making profit in Short-Term HYIP is simple, make the right choice, invest at the right time with right amount & stop at the right moment. That’s it!

Back to the program’s plans. GainROI is offering you 3 plans from 120% after 1 week up to 200% after 1 month. Below are the details of the plans.

Each plans has its minimum investment amount from $5.00 up to $100.00 with different % of ROI in different days. Those plans are reasonable & sustainable in long run because the ROI is not decent compared with the rest Short-Term HYIPs. However, I bet GainROI is going to run for long that is why the ROI is low. For me, I do prefer that one Short-Term program that could be running for 2-3 months rather than 2-3 weeks or shorten…

5% RefCom is offering by GainROI & you’re not required to be an active member (With active deposits) to entitle for the RefCom. In the payment processors support, GainROI is supported 5 major payment processors: Alertpay, Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, Solidtrustpay & Strictpay. Minimum withdrawal amount is $1.00 & payment will be sent within 24 hours after requested. However, there is one restriction in payment processing where payouts are made on Monday, Wednesday & Friday only. Therefore, no matter which day are you requested the payment still you will be paid on the coming day showing above.

GainROI is hosted in Staminus Communications with DDoS protection by DDoSWiz.  The same platform for most of the Short-Term HYIPs we have seen before. Nothing special or decent but that is well enough to ensure our investment is safe from hackers. Moreover, the domain name has been registered until year 2013. This is something that we can assure that the admin is seriously in the business even thought sometimes things are unpredicted.

In the end, GainROI is rather good… may be excellent Short-Term HYIP that I have high expectation of after the fallen of so many Short-Term HYIPs recently. With its sustainable plans & excellent platform, I truly believed that GainROI will be around for long. At least, we will earn the profit that we’re looking for before the program is collapsed. No matter what, I just want to tell you that GainROI is worth to try for minimum 1-2 months because there is something I knew & believed in which I don’t think I should reveal here. At last, still the same old advise I should say, invest the amount you can afford to lose. Last but not least, this is the game that we’re going to risk on… but with a little better faith.

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