Good Morning

It’s morning, 05.59 AM. You are still sleeping in your bed and living inside your beautiful dream. Having the time of your life. Then suddenly at 06.00 AM, ringggggggggggg. Your dream is interrupted by your alarm clock. You put it out, turn around and close your eyes again.

But 5 minutes later the same thing happens again. This goes on like 3 or 4 times and you start to realize that you have to get out of bed, because you have to go to work again. You don’t want to wake up in this nightmare but there is nothing else you can do, because you have to make money otherwise there is no food on the table.

So, you get out of bed, sleepy, go to the coffee machine. Because you can’t start your day without coffee. When you want to start the machine you realize it’s broken. And you feel immediately that this will be the worst day of your life.

You look at your clock and see that you are already late. You make a lot of haste to get ready and drive of to work. When you are at work you notice that in your haste you forget to take your lunch with you. Damn, what a day this will be.

Somebody recognize this? I used to have day’s like this in the past. I was always tired. And I didn’t know why. But from one moment in my life this changed suddenly. This was last year. Just after I broke up with my partner back then.

My life changed rapidly. From having no energy at all to having a lot of energy every single day. It was like the world opened to me again. How this happened?

I just wake up one morning and realize that if I wanted to change something in my life I had to take action to start changing it. I know what I wanted to have, living my dream. In order to do this I mus find a way to make this happen.

And so the big adventure begins. Now, I wake up every day 3 hours before I go to work, sometimes this is 05.30 AM in the morning. Make a delicious coffee, sit behind my computer and write my blog post for that day. And I am smiling when I wake up.

When I am at work I can’t wait to get home and start working on my business again. This didn’t happen in one night. It took me some months to reach the moment that I love doing what I do right now.

I even have a great partner again who stands behind me for the full 100%. I know for a fact that in the near future my dreams will come true and nothing and nobody can stop me, no matter what most people will say.

This was just a small story about my life, what small changes can do with your life. And that a positive mind will make your life a lot better.

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The only reason I wake this yearly is to hit the beach for a run. You have to know what you want and persist without exception otherwise you will live a mediocre life. Thanks for sharing.

Indeed, you have to know what you want and be persistent.

Loved the video… most people don’t want to get up because they are not happy with what they are doing for a career… they have no passion for a vision. I have an alarm clock but I usually get up before it goes off .. anywhere from 3:45am to 4:45am. OH Yes and I work from home. Thanks for sharing.

That is real passion Bill.

hahaha love the video. It’s easy to wake up when you are running your own business. Building your own dream.

Indeed, because you love doing it. This will change your inner clock setting

Great post Dennis and I love the video…motivation gets you started, but habit is what keeps you going. Your creating some killer habits that has success written all over it. Thanks for sharing pal.

You need motivation to even get started. Without it you don’t make it.

Hey Dennis, loved the video, thanks for sharing.

I am happy you loved it.

First I love the video Dennis, so funny! And next, I’m glad to hear your positive energy, that you are finding these small changes that you are making now will get you to where you want to be, living life on your terms. So thanks for sharing, very inspiring!

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